Project snapshot

Project Title:

Creating community through Capoeira

Project Focus:

Cultural Community Development

Project Aim:

This project aims to connect community development practitioners and Capoeira practitioners to share knowledge and skills and explore possibilities for collaboratively building stronger inter-relationships within the community.

Project Rationale:

This project recognises that practitioners of community development and of Capoeira share similar interests and each engage in activities that serve to build stronger communities.  An unrealised and logical fit may therefore exist between:

  • the art and culture of Capoeira; and
  • community development practitioners who seek a greater level of social participation and interpersonal connectedness for the individuals and families with whom they work.

Project Action:

The project will begin with expressions of interest from individuals in the community, followed by an invitation to participate in topic development.  I will then run an initial workshop responding to the needs and questions as raised by participants.

To achieve the project’s aim I will be guided by the role of networks within systems theory.  I will also adopt a participatory framework to create an opportunity for interested parties to meet and engage in discussion and activities with a view to:

  • raising awareness of mutual skills, knowledge and values;
  • creating and nurturing stronger and ongoing mutual connections;
  • collaborating and taking action on any shared agendas arising from the event.

Risk Identification:

In delivering this opportunity to participants, I will need to be conscious about…

…involving a constructive mix of people;

…in a space that is easily accessible and conducive to collaborative discussion;

…at a time that can include as many people as possible; and

…employing methods that invite open participation and encourage reflection and meaningful action.

I will ensure sufficient planning, communication, reflection and self- and peer-review processes are in place to manage the risks of being unable to deliver on the above.

  1. Eurico
    May 16, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    Great initiative Janelle!!
    I would like to share your thoughts over my blog, sharing your study with the Capoeira community and hopefully networking with other community development oriented people.
    Really nice work! Thanks for sharing it!

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