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Children Under The Sky – Capoeira At Al-Tanf

In the video at the link above, one of the children tells us that, “when they started to play capoeira, it made me happy”.  This simple yet powerful statement pretty much sums up my thoughts on capoeira today.

It’s nearly 1am.  I got home a few hours ago and now find myself tapping away on my laptop after what has been for me a long and rather confronting day.  Oh, okay, I was hoping I could write vaguely about this, but I’ll spit it out: I got a nasty shock this morning when I got back a dismal result on an assessment for one of my uni subjects.  I had managed to completely miss the point of the assignment and thought (pretty childishly might I add!) that this sort of stuff simply ‘never happens to me’.  Of course, I then proceeded to liken this result to something akin to catastrophe and extrapolated from this that my life must be a colossal failure.  My only saving grace was that the extent of my emotional turmoil was kept hidden in the confines of my own head.

Being a Tuesday night, I headed off to capoeira after uni.  Only now that I am home do I realise that the moment I had arrived at capoeira my mind had quite naturally moved there too.  My woes of the day had disappeared without me noticing – until, of course, I got back home and decided to let myself indulge in, erm, let’s  just call it a moment of self-deprecation…I’ve thankfully re-discovered perspective and, even more thankfully, have been reminded of how a spot of capoeira can make me deliciously happy.

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  1. KErstin Liebchen
    May 17, 2010 at 11:14 am

    This is a very powerful video and I must say I felt quite emotional seeing it because it explains the power of the mood changing ability capoeira seems to have on a refugee community and children in particular. I thought you’d linked the two events on Tuesday very well, Janelle. Your distressed mind that was instantanously lifted and changed during your practise of capoeira appears to support the sustaining and powerful effect capeira has on people. It also supports and outlines the potential for change and upliftment in challenging situations.

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