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Out with the old?

I was struck by a rather uncomfortable realisation this past week.

I’ve already mentioned how I believe that, in conducting this project, I am able to join together different areas of my life -connecting together the different things I do, as well as connecting the respective communities that I am engaged in.  This is all quite novel to me.  I am more accustomed to compartmentalising everything as neatly as I can (work vs study vs sporting etc) and then somehow juggling the separate components without losing any (or it?!) in the process.

So theoretically this project can open up for me an opportunity to do the opposite ie. combine things, rather than keep boundaries between everything. However, my old thinking habits have probably been hard-wired into me (meshing everything together still feels somehow wrong to do?)  :-/

…This past week I’d been psyching myself to cut back on my Capoeira training so I can put more time into getting done all those looming uni assessments.  I am still defaulting to thinking that one thing must be traded for another.  It makes total sense that there has got to be ways I can integrate things more…

Photo generously donated by Gary Cox

So after a little brainstorming, I’ve come up with an idea.  One of the activities I support (and that has given WAY more back to me!) is a Capoeira community class that takes place every Saturday afternoon.  Instead of dropping this and trading it for ‘ study time’, I’m going to try incorporating the two together.
A key philosophy behind the free Saturday classes is to make Capoeira accessible to all members of the community.  Also, purely by being there (at the ‘Brisbane Eye’), we usually end up chatting about Capoeira to interested passers-by.  What I’d like to try out is whether I could use this setting to do a ‘vox pop’ sort of an exercise. Maybe I can formulate a few key questions, find some interested participants and, with their permission, post their responses on the graffiti page?

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