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Over-concerned + under-active

I wonder, as author of this blog, if I have licence to invent new words and hyphenate on a whim?  I’d like to use this post to return to a point I was at about three weeks ago, when I first started thinking about which of my myriad concerns I could make into my focus for the semester – environmental degradation, lifestyle-related illnesses, the widening income gap, homelessness, mental illness, domestic violence, fading sense of ‘community’ and neighbourhood belonging, apathy/lack of fulfilment, a seemingly mainstream ‘blindness’ to the self-destructive trajectory of the neo-liberal paradigm!?  I was encouraged to learn that my concerns were shared by others in the class but also overwhelmed by the enormity of issues that pass us by each day.  I was also disturbed to notice that, when asked, I was quick to identify the ‘problems’ and things I would like to change, yet I hesitate when it comes to committing to just one of them and actually doing something about it.

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